Dr. Kelly Dumas


Dr. Kelly Dumas grew up in the city of Detroit, graduated with a B.A in Biology from University of Colorado in 1996 and a DVM from Michigan State in 2002. During the summers while gaining her education she traveled and worked overseas experiencing what veterinary medicine looks like to different cultures.

She treated Maasai cattle in Kenya with a government veterinarian, spent a summer at the veterinary school at University of Glasgow where James Harriot went, and also worked jobs in Ireland and three different cities in Scotland.

After graduating she has worked in mostly small animal medicine and having worked at an animal shelter as an adoption counselor prior to vet school has a particular interest in decreasing the number of animals that enter these shelters and preserving and enriching the homes of the adopted pets.

She has many amateur passions she pursues including volunteering for Little Traverse Conservancy with her husband and two kids, learning Italian, Tai Chi, violin, painting, and building a somewhat stable tree house for her kids and a slightly less stable cat tree for their two indoor cats- Ted and Luna.